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Donald Trump

Mr. Trump

Mr. Trump,

True congratulation on your election!

I was in close contact with your campaign offices to provide any solution for your victory. I am still very interested and obligated to find ways for fixing the many problems in this country. You are a very intelligent and unique human being, but you may also consider that opposition Demonic entities are operating and are doing an excellent job to destroy this great nation.

Those whom I call Demonic elements mostly consist of those who are under the age of 30. They are 40 percent of the population committing over 90 percent of crime and disturbance against older citizens, with support of the media, on a daily basis. They must be made to stop and be brought to justice.

N. Toussi



I remember how, at a young age, we enjoyed playing the game “Monopoly", Throw the dice, land on a nice avenue, buy a house and then a hotel, own a railroad and a utility company, and collect rent. What an interesting concept.

Now it seems, in real life the same game is being played on us by those who have master-minded the game and are mercilessly making this world miserable, full of fear and suffering for all of us.

The prices of real estate keep on going higher and higher, the rentals are no longer affordable, while communications and utility companies are pocketing as much as possible. Then we have the stock market, insurance companies, financial institutes, lawyers, doctors and many other businesses that are robbing us forcefully with no shame, simply in the form of capitalistic monopolization.

One thing I am certain of: this game cannot continue. It is bound to be broken. Join me to fight back against these evil entities—the game is over.



The word “democracy" is nothing new. We find it in the oldest scriptures that go back to ancient time. The doctrine of democracy itself was originally invented by Satan, and it was said that he would use it by fooling stupid-minded people as an army against God.

Is God a democrat? Asking people what He can do, how to create the universe and how to make life? Of course not.

All division in this world is invented by Satan himself who has twisted the words of God to raise people and nations against each other and against God the creator.

Animals are truly the finest creation of God. They do not understand nor follow any religion, because they're not stupid like people are.

No one knows Satan the master deceiver well; it is the order of God to bring an end to that brainless evil dictator.

Those who do not see and follow this order of God the creator would suffer in Hell, the game is over.

The first covenant of God ended when Moses broke the Stones of the Ten Commandments. The second covenant ended when Christ was put to death. Now this is the third and last covenant of God before he brings his wrath upon all evils.

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In Motion

In Motion

Motion is truly one the most fascinating factors in all aspects of our world, and in reality, there is no end to how this word can be fully defined. Motion is everywhere and surrounds us completely, making life most amazing.

In mathematics ( X ), ( Y ) and ( Z ) variables are used as three-dimensional coordinates for direction, height and depth of any object, and ( t ), the fourth dimension, is used as a time factor, signifying any object in motion from point A to point B.

The world itself evolves, revolves and continues its journey through time and space in motion for all the living–and even non-living–things toward an unknown destination. A breeze, a drop of rain, growth of a plant, a bird in flight, a walking man and even all planets in orbit are all in motion.

But in our world the most incomparable of all is the light itself that is born in the Sun and begins its motion at an unthinkable speed to bring us life and place everything in motion.

Of course the Sun itself is in motion at the rate of 154 miles per second, and that means if there were a vessel that could travel at such speed around the Earth, it would take about 155 seconds or 2 minutes and 35 seconds. But what is even more amazing are the photons of light that travel at such a high velocity; they circle the planet Earth 8 times in only one second.

These photons of light are extremely small fireballs in shape. 20,000 would fit next to each other in a single millimeter. 500,000 of them would fit into an inch!

The Sun is indeed the powerhouse of our world, capable of showering our planet Earth with its microscopic fireballs at a rate of 186,000 times per second. These light particles bring the earth into motion, convert its energy to fuel to run our vehicles, grow all plants and keep the bodies of living things warm, so that we can exist.

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We must save our world
“Life itself is sacred and the most precious to all beings.” – N. Toussi

You are invited to take part in promoting a major scientific discovery.

Our world has been taken over by lies & deceptions in science, politics, economy & everything in our lives.

Rise for the sake of righteousness and join us to defeat these false entities that their purpose is entirely to destroy our world.

We are campaigning for this very important cause.

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Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew

All lives are most precious for human, wildlife and even for plants, these are heavenly given gifts of creation.

Concept One,
We have developed technology to neutralize hurricanes hundreds of miles away from coast lines. Hurricane Matthew is no exception.

- N. Toussi



Look up the meaning of the word "manifest" in a dictionary. The meaning is completely wrong, as happens with so many other words. The word "Man-I-Fest" is best translated as "God's order.”

Concept One and Sunterra Laws are given to me in very unusual dreams by the most supreme entity, whom I know as the Creator. God has made covenants with us before. The first one was ended when Moses broke the tablets of the Ten Commandments; the second ended when Christ was crucified.

The new covenant is given in a scientific format of a proof to all God's creations and how they function.

Concept One, Sunterra Laws and all views of God's orders of his creations are available on these Web sites.

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Discoveries of SunTerra Laws, Concept One prove that most earthquakes are caused by combustion of accumulated converted Solar Radiation in Earth's crust, this electrical energy can be harvested to power cities.

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This heavenly gift of creation must be respected by all who consider themselves human. The word "Hu-Man" from ancient texts can only be correctly translated as "Like-God” — God the Creator, the Just and the Merciful.

Therefore, by this definition, those who violate this primary order of existence are acting in an inhuman way.

Another interesting word that again, mistranslated to English, is the word “people", that from its ancient root means "a group or mass who violate the orders of God." And they always find new ways to execute their evil acts through lies and deception.

It is such a shame to see how this beautiful planet of ours has become a playground for a large number of the lowest grade of the species whose purpose is to completely destroy this world by their behavior.

Never in history has the human race faced such a high scale of ignorance and inconsideration. This is the most dangerous time yet for the survival of the human and his world.

These elements of evil must be disarmed by all means, and pushed back to the limited, low-grade state of their senses.

The human race was warned of the coming of this era by prophecies dating back to ancient times. It is also written that we must hold our ground and oppose these evil forces, who are imposing upon us by their lack intellect and their lack of knowing the limitations of the laws of freedom, or even knowing the exact meaning of the word.

Not a moment passes that we, the human race, along with the wildlife, are not victimized by the misconduct of these criminal elements in one way or another.

Now we have reached a threshold that enough is enough. There is no other alternative but to bring this to an end and put these despicable groups back in their place.

This is the time for all humans to join and defend the Kingdom of God, and defeat these intruders, to send them back to the darkness where they belong. In the world, absolutely no-one should have the right to impose and inflict fear, pain and suffering upon others.

Now this a historic opportunity to join a magnificent cause and become a guardian of peace, defending all helpless innocents against these senseless low-lifes who have been suffocating us and keeping us from our heavenly given rights.

I, myself, have been a victim of people's wrong-doings my entire life, beyond the point of desperation. The very little that I had for the basic means of survival was taken away from me.

I find this as my mission: to denounce and bring to an end this sickening horrible epidemic, this way of life that has taken over the world. This is an act for the sake of righteousness and providing protection for all living beings.

"Life itself is sacred and most precious to the all living beings.”

N. Toussi



Read all my articles to understand the true meaning and differences between “human" and “people.”

"Human" means those who are God-like, and “people" are those who live, do, think and behave as Demonic elements.

In history there always has been opposition between these two entities. "People" is offensive and "human" is defensive.

Now it is time for all humans to join their God-given forces to denounce and defeat the Demonic Empire by order of God.

These Demonic elements are sprouting up around the world in one shape or another. It is vitally important that this be brought to an end.

This is time for all humans to join forces in the name of righteousness to abolish the dark Demonic Empire.

Next posting is to expose all Demonic elements whose intention is to take over and destroy America and the world. They are more dangerous than any known terrorist organization to all man kind.

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22 & 2 22 & 2
22 & 2 22 & 2
22 & 2

22 & 2

It has been 22 years & at the cost of 2 million dollars since I started my research to unveil the true cause of earthquakes.

In October of 2014, I decided to move all my belongings to Public Storage in Canoga Park LA county to travel up the coast of California to promote my discoveries with the public.

When I returned back on April 22 of 2015 to my surprise I found out my unit was broken in and all my valuables & important documents were stolen.

Detectives & investigators believe that it was an inside job since they've had 24 cases like that.

I am in a desperate need for hiring a legal firm to file a claim against the Public Storage.

Please go to my site at: to donate & pass the information to others.

In advance thanks for your consideration for this very important cause.

Also you maybe able to help by searching for the most identifiable stolen item that is a Colorcode guitar ending with serial number 002 and have a chance to receive a $20,000.00 reward after recovery and insurance settlement.

With all thanks,
N. Toussi



This ancient religion founded by the Persian prophet Zoroaster (Messenger from the Stars) was proclaimed in the Avesta, and is characterized by worship of a supreme god, Ahura Mazda (the Wise Lord), who requires good deeds for help in his cosmic struggle against the evil spirit, Ahriman.

Ahriman, Avestan Angra Mainyu (Destructive Spirit), is the evil spirit in the dualistic doctrine of Zoroastrianism. His essential nature is expressed in his principal epithet—Druj, “the Lie.” The Lie expresses itself as greed, wrath and envy. To aid Ahriman in attacking the light, Ahura Mazda created a horde of demons embodying envy and similar qualities. Despite the chaos and suffering brought into the world by his onslaught, believers expect Ahriman to be defeated in the end of time by Ahura Mazda. Confined to their own realm, his demons will devour each other, and his own existence will be quenched.

This is the first time that these two supernatural but opposite forces we know as God and Satan are recorded in the history of religion.

In today's world we are witness to these predictions and criminal acts on a daily basis. The land and homes of defenseless, innocent humans are taken away using the force of sophisticated weapons. People are killed or sent to refugee camps or beheaded in the name of religion. A plane is crashed into a mountain because of its pilot's depression. The younger generation is brain-washed listening to evil sounds they call music, which they impose on others by playing it loudly on boom boxes. Unaware, little children scream as a form of having fun, while in reality they are conducting demonic rituals. Meanwhile their thoughtless parents, with no sense of decency, fail to stop them, in reality promoting their sick, uncivilized, savage and disturbing behavior.

Time is running out with so many victims in desperate situations, suffering and asking for help. Join us to change this world, to free it from the injustice and fear of the evil-doers.

We are not connected to any faith or organized religion, but it is our obligation to bring justice, respect and the right of existence to all living beings. Life itself for all must be granted as most holy.



After years of research and discovery of the Vector Force that governs the balance and motion of planet Earth, I am convinced there may come a time when there would be no other alternative but to pilot our planet out of its orbit.

Based on this concept, I have written a story that is titled “Countdown.”

This is a story of “fictionalized reality” about the possible and imminent complete destruction of the world and life on the planet Earth. It is also the story of the faith of a young man and the brilliance and restored faith of a forgotten and unrecognized scientist.

The story begins when a young astronomy enthusiast, discovers an uncharted bright object which at first he assumes it as a star. Night after night, he records all the gathered data, tracking changes of the position of the object, into his computer.

Suddenly, his excitement turns to panic when his computer concludes that the object is not only in motion, but in fact is on a head-on collision course with Earth.

After many difficult attempts, he finally informs and convinces Space and Defense Authorities about his discovery. By then the news has already leaked to the public and the media.

The authorities cannot come up with a solution to deal with this major catastrophic situation, since the object is many times more massive than the Earth, and is burning at thousands of degrees.

During an emergency conference that takes place at the Department of National Defense, one of the scientists recalls a report that was sent to him some years ago. The scientist also admits that he had discarded the report, since at that time he had not taken its content that seriously.

Under pressure, while he is trying to remember the name of the scientist who was the originator of the concept of the report, he recalls that there was a registered label of the post office on the envelope which contained the report that was sent to him.

Through the post office records, they find out the name and the location of the unknown scientist.

At first the scientist refuses to cooperate, since he believes that the event was the price that man had to pay for all evil he has committed, and he says, “For the righteous it is the time of glory and for the rest the hell is fast approaching.”

A few nights later, while he is staring at the object and asking God why he wanted to destroy the beautiful earth, an idea based on his previous work comes to him that could save the world.

He immediately contacts the authorities for an emergency meeting, and in that meeting he suggests to build two giant liquid hydrogen engines a few thousand miles apart on solid concrete foundations. The thrust of the engines could be used to stir the Earth out of the path of the oncoming comet.

In the last hours the engines ignite and the Earth is piloted by a computer that controls different amounts of thrust to each engine, out of its orbit. After the comet’s passing, Earth is piloted back to its original orbit.

N. Toussi



In this world every object or even idea, that makes changes in time and space is under the influence of accumulated forces acting in a synergetic manner simply by the laws of physics.

In the case of all natural disasters, the magnitude and level of destruction is directly related and equal to the original combined energies that were synergistically reacting in the conversion process.

In my research and discoveries I am convinced that these energies can be used in a constructive way only if we learn how to tap into them prior to the discharge of their existing forces.

This synergetic law also can be applied to anything that is in need of change and correction for more beneficial usage.

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.”
Victor Hugo

There is no doubt that there are challenges in all changes, but there comes a time that correcting the fundamentals of our basic knowledge becomes most essential and vitally important.

In human history we are at a pivotal inflection point for making changes for the betterment of all living beings and the protection of our world.

It is sad to see that so much of what is in practice and in control of our world is of questionable validity. It is predominantly destructive by nature, profiting a small group at the cost of suffering for the rest of us. This problem applies to almost everything that runs our world, from science, medicine, the economy and justice to the dangerous and well-orchestrated poisonous demonic practices that are coming out of the entertainment industry and the media, whose purpose is to brain-wash and control the masses in exchange for substantial financial gains.

This is the time for a new world-wide twenty first century renaissance to transform our world into a state of Utopia, into peace and freedom and away from fears and worries for all.

The dark ages of the game “Monopoly" is over and the God-given rights to life for all living beings must be fully respected.

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Epiphany 2

Epiphany 2

I began studying the Bible with so much curiosity about its amazing stories, chains of events and sometimes the involvement of super natural powers. I asked myself, ”Are these unusual but eloquently written passages just invented, even exaggerated, stories or somehow real, almost like what I had encountered.

The book of Genesis made me think more about the beginning of creation from a tiny seed turning to become a giant tree and to the reason behind existence of all living beings on our home planet, Earth.

At the same time, I began experimenting in scientific study and research concerning light, the main ingredient of life and existence. In one experiment I created a close-up picture of a very narrow beam for a better understanding of this phenomenon that we know as light. To my surprise the print had no resemblance to what I could see through the lens at the time of taking the picture. At first I was not sure of the source of this unexpected print.

In the enlarged print of the photograph, instead of a small circle of bright light, I observed a straight line of changing bright colors starting from yellow, moving to orange, then red and continuing on to each next color in turn. Each segment was about an inch long, and then changed to the next color in a very short space.

The reason for the length of each color and its sudden change to the next color became a question worthy of finding a scientifically logical answer to that can explain the evidence.

My only explanation was that the particles of light shift to a new lower frequency of velocity uniformly -- and suddenly -- in a very short span of time.

Some years later I learned that Newton was also obsessed with finding the reason for this transition of light.

For me, this was the beginning of learning about light and continuing on to new discoveries about how these microscopic fireballs of energy we call photons behave and function in changed conditions and environments.

Concept One and Sunterra Laws are accumulations of almost 30 years of research, fact-finding and discoveries of energies at work that are mostly invisible to the eye and which govern our world and the Cosmos.

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My first experience in life that I might call an epiphany happened in the late 80’s, in the early hours of the morning. I still cannot fully convince myself that it was a dream. It took place in an unusual state which looked very real.

As I woke up in a dream, I saw the image of a holy-looking human-like being in a greenish-colored bright light, almost like a hologram. He is looking down and he is standing in the air inches above the floor.

Dream or real, this unexplainable vision occurred in the very hot summer. I had the windows wide open for fresh air but at that moment my room became unbearably cold and filled with a hazy cloud.

In a state of absolute panic and fear I did not know what to make of it, especially as I felt my body was almost paralyzed.

The next thing I know, I am waking up in the morning with the sunlight shining through the window. I am still puzzled by the event, and severe muscle ache does not allow me to get up.

It took me a few days to regain my energy and come to realize what could have happened that night.

Finally I decided to call a well-trusted friend of mine, a Christian Science researcher, to share this strange event and asked for his opinion on how to deal with the situation.

He suggested I meet with him in a bookstore that specialized in the book, the Holy Bible.

To be continued...

The World

The World

In our world, not a moment passes by without the rights of a human or an animal being violated in one way or another by those whom I classify as evil people.

These people would better be called criminals. They mistakingly abuse the word “freedom" without having enough intellectual sense to know the meaning and limitations of the laws of freedom.

They take away lives, steal, and disturb innocent beings. But the sad part of the story is that their evil action is invented, promoted and glorified by the media and the entertainment industries, which are financed by capitalistic, monopolizing, life-sucking corporations, who have gotten completely out of control, simply brainwashing the mass public.

Join, support and promote us to bring an end to these criminal and powerful dark forces, those whose intention is to control the world by pitting the ignorance of the masses against the rest of us, the truly human beings.

We are not alone. The Light and the Power of the Universe is behind and within us.

Gathering Of Lights

Gathering Of Lights

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.”
Victor Hugo

Gathering Light
Let me introduce to you an idea whose time has come. It is time for the Gathering of Lights to begin and I am here to assist in this divine and timely process. Each person is a fragmented particle of light with a certain amount of brilliance, almost like a light of a candle or a torch; hardly enough to make a difference in one’s own life, let alone the world! Only when gathered with other Lights can one’s true power really turn on and make a difference. Join The Gathering Lights today for journey to a brighter future.

Curtis Harwell

The Gathering Lights

The Gathering Lights

Light itself must be considered the most important element of life. It surrounds us, energizes all living beings and brings our world into motion.

There is nothing in our world that is not somehow influenced by these microscopic fireballs we call photons.

The Sun is the true powerhouse of our world, generating an unimaginable amount of energy at the rate of 186000 photonic impulses per second for the past 4.6 billion years.

Since the dawn of creation many species, including human beings, have learned how to harvest this heavenly-sent gift of life.

Now we have arrived at a cross section of time and space in which to improve our knowledge of the exact science of light and how it transforms itself into other sources of energy.

These new revelations provide insight to understand, control and utilize Sun's energy for constructive ways in science and technology.

The Gathering Lights is inviting all caring and conscious individuals to join our great cause.

Sunterra Band

Sunterra Band

Sunterra Band...

is the exact surface of the Sun that is the area providing light to Earth in a year's time. Sunterra Band is almost 40 miles in width and 2.7 million miles in length, the circumference of Sun.

The Earth's relative motion around the Sun is advancing at an average rate of 0.08 miles per second.

Sunterra Band / Belt is a vertical direct line from the highest point at sunrise to the last point of the Sun visible at sunset. This is a view from equator on Earth but in reality its a horizontal line on Sun's surface cross sectioned by the plane of orbit.

Earth orbital motion is in the direction away from the sunset zone toward the sunrise zone on the Suntera Band. It takes 6 months for Earth to travel the distance of this line.

The surface area of Sunterra Band is 40 X 2.7 = 108 square million miles.

For Concept One, Sunterra Laws, all research and discoveries have taken twenty years and have cost millions of dollars. At the present time this project is in immediate need of public support in order to continue. Now, for every dollar donated to Concept One, we will place one square mile of Sunterra Band (in sequential order lot number) into your name.

All support and contributions are used to educate the public and further develop applications from these discoveries.

In Solitude

In Solitude

Looking at the world with all its amazing creations in existence.

What we are, where we have come from and where we are going in constant transition of time and space.

We as human beings have no other alternative but to play a major role in the future and the destiny of our world.

Review, support and promote our operation for having shares in creating a safer and better world for all the living beings.

Life is holy

The first instinct of all living beings is to optimize their chances of survival. Also we, as the human race, are given this unique opportunity to act as guardians of creation, protecting all species.

Now you can join us for as little or much as you can donate to our cause and take part in a historic evolution for advancement of science and its contributions to the future of our world.

Review our site and your world will never be the same.

The Cause

Concept One lays the way primarily to correct our scientific knowledge of the world, for the sake of protecting all living beings and their environment against all natural catastrophes.

Phase 2 of this doctrine is to correct the problems that are causing suffering for most living beings in every aspect of our world.

As it is, our world is destined to fail because of failure to respect life and the laws of creation. There are so many living creatures that have become victims due to lack of true justice and the capitalistic style of demonic corporate greed whose motto is take as much possible and then destroy.

We must realize that the world we live in is interdependent with all its components from science, health, economy, and justice. We must all respect and behave in a civilized manner toward all others without imposing on their freedom and rights.

Now your can share in the structuring of Utopia for the future of the human race and in respect for the precious world of creation.



Our world is on a collision course with disaster sooner or later. Sadly we are not only not prepared, but we lack the knowledge of how to handle such events. This must change for the sake of the survival of all beings and the protection of our world.

This world will only prosper through absolute fact, truth, justice, respect and righteousness toward all beings.

This law must be placed in practice by all citizens of the planet Earth. It is so sad and unfortunate to witness that the opposite forces have ruled the world since the beginnings.

The time has arrived. We are entering a new historic era in evolution for the human race. This concept is primarily based on the correct scientific knowledge of our world.

This organization is in immediate need of support, contributions and cooperation from all who care for our world with all its amazing beauties.

Study well all issues in Concept One and its scientific arguments, for the sake of adding a new dimension to your world.

Concept One
Concept One

Concept One

Close up & Thermal image of photon impact on panels of a radiometer.

There is no question more important than asking exactly why the Earth has been in orbit around the Sun more than 4.5 billion times.

The reason this question must be considered as most important is that the very existence of the planet Earth is directly related to this law in physics.

There have been many who have tried to explain this amazing phenomenon. Today's science claims that the Sun's gravitational pull is the cause.

Concept One & Sunterra Laws prove that the Sun does not and cannot have gravitational influence over its planets. This changes everything in unveiling the correct knowledge of conversion of light into motion and life in our world.

Support & promote Concept One as your appreciation to the world.

Toussi's Doctrine

Toussi's Doctrine

This is my personal thanks to all who have been supportive of Concept One for its revolutionary scientific presentation and its unending applications for betterment of all humans, wild life and the future of our home planet Earth.

Concept One scientific discoveries presents solutions for better understandings and possibly to find new ways to control such major cosmic disasters. This is the most important obligation for all mankind.

Learn Concept One & Sunterra Laws to understand how these invisible forces bring our world into motion and give all beings the basic elements of life.

Please review:

I am campaigning for a priceless scientific evolution, and very much thankful to all who take time to support & promote this essential cause.

"The life itself is sacred and most precious to all beings". - N. Toussi

To The World

To The World

To the world,

There is an ancient saying that translates into “a day of rising for truth & righteousness." That day is today!

There are so many living beings who, in the name of capitalism, have become victims of lies, deceptions, injustice, superficial legal system and corporate greed. These evils must come to an immediate end, or the results will be destructive and devastating to all. So many of us are forced just to hardly survive, while living in a state of fear. I call this corporate terrorism against humanity and all living creatures.

Learn more about the Sun and our world. Visit:

We are all in need of your support in all means.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Dear friends,

I have been dedicating 20 years of my life in scientific research that has resulted in major discoveries.

At this point, I am in a most desperate situation and in immediate need for public support to continue my obligation for the sake of humanity.

Please visit: for latest news, or visit: for contribution to this important cause. Also share this important info with other friends.

With all thanks,
N. Toussi

All Rights Reserved. All claims & materials of Concept One are the property of N. Toussi.
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