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Concept One The Science of the Solar System
Concept One The Science of the Solar System Unified Universal Principles of  conversion of Solar Energy to Mechanical Forces
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Concept One and Sunterra Laws
Preview to Issues for the Press Conference

I am a scientist with tens of years working on experiments in many areas of advance physics. I am in progress of holding a press conference outside United States to introduce my discoveries with the title of Concept One and Sunterra Laws. This event’s primary objective would be based on my tens of years of research and to unveil new scientific discoveries for correct understanding of mechanical forces behind all natural catastrophes and how we can find new ways to safeguard lives and the environment. This letter contains important information and must be handled with care and extreme urgency.

It was almost 16 years ago when I had the opportunity to introduce a part of my findings in an article that was printed in the January 20, 1994 issue of Glendale News Press only 3 days after Northridge earthquake. The main subject of the article was based on my mathematical calculations of the speed of an earthquake’s ripple effect from the epicenter to outer diameter. My scientific presentation during the press release / interview was based on unusual 10 miles per second rate of displacement that takes place during an earthquake and somehow gives us an incorrect illusion of motion of the ground is the cause of an earthquake, but in reality the ground has been influenced by invisible sonic shockwaves. Right from the start, 10 miles/sec speed of the ripple became a smoking gun that the only form of a force capable of such characteristic must be a sonic shockwave that can be only produced by some form of explosion. This new scientific concept continues to claim that the only possible force capable of such unthinkable energy can not be anything but by collision of accumulated stored solar energy pockets within the earth’s crust.

Earthquake 03:25 JST on 26th September 1966, Mt. Kimyo, Japan

My research and discoveries contain hundreds of extremely powerful and provable scientific arguments that form new and correct laws for natural disaster to the exact law of planetary motion. For example in one of my arguments in “The Sunterra Laws”, I present a scenario that as the solar radiation that is made of miniature fireballs called photons and traveling at the unimaginable speed of 186000 impulses per second impact the outer layer of the day side of the atmosphere and igniting oxygen and creating a jet like propulsion energy and pushing the Earth away from the Sun.

As a scientist I have been working on one of the most complex projects that it has been until now a puzzle to human race. I am certain that my discoveries signify the grace of God than anything else, but those internationally well accepted theoretical nonsense that were invented as a form of conspiracy against the human race by some unqualified “scientists” whose mission is to develop destructive technology and use it as a tool to impose injustice worldwide.

My research has led me to new discoveries that eventually would play a major role for the knowledge and future of the human race. “Sunterra Laws” and “Concept One” are titles of these discoveries.

Sunterra Laws begin with mathematical calculations for a correct link between the Sun and the Earth, mapping the exact circular bases that are responsible for providing light to the Earth and how these tunnels of light convert to forces for rotational and orbital motion. Sunterra Laws present powerful scientific arguments for the correct law of planetary motion and disproving the Theory of Relativity of Albert Einstein. This nonsense, incorrect and falsely fabricated theory was created on purpose to glorify themselves at the cost of humanity.

Concept One presents new explanations for correct laws of physics for conversion of solar energy and their electro magnetic characteristic into motion, like most earthquakes. In addition, Concept One provides logical and scientific proofs for so many unanswered phenomena like the reason behind the 2004 December 26 tsunami of Indonesia to take place exactly one year to minute of 2003 December 26 earthquake of Bam Iran. How hurricane forces over Atlantic use Africa and South America as two poles of a magnetic ground base to create a spiral motion and what is the mechanical force for guiding them in the direction of north-west toward half circle shape body of land and water of the Gulf of Mexico. And why the epicenter of earthquake in Haiti was at the point of intersection of a V shape land mass.

Since Jan. 20 of 1994 when I first introduced my discoveries to the media, close to 700,000 human lives have been lost to earthquakes alone. Life is sacred and is a gift of God, and I have been very wrongfully taken for granted and denied to have the opportunity to implement my monitoring and predicting technology to save lives.

I am in progress of organizing a press conference outside America to present these discoveries to the media, public, the scientific community, and hold responsible departments of government accountable for crime against humanity.

This is a formal complaint on behalf of so many victims, this is an extremely serious matter and must be taken as the highest level of importance.