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Concept One The Science of the Solar System
Concept One The Science of the Solar System Unified Universal Principles of  conversion of Solar Energy to Mechanical Forces
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Introduction from Earthquakes to Concept One

I was living in the Los Angeles area at the time of the 1994 Northridge earth-quake. For almost close to a week, we experienced dozens of aftershocks on daily basis. These frequent aftershocks gave me an insight to new scientific discoveries that I have named " Concept one".

It all began when I learned that these aftershocks were erupting with a time delay factor according to the distance from the epicenter. This simple observation has become the foundation of my discoveries. By inputs of time differential and distance of gathered data and solving for velocity, I became absolutely certain that earthquakes are caused by some form of explosion and what is experienced on the surface is not caused by motion of a land mass but rather by high velocity sound waves. This is the only logical explanation for when these impulses can travel miles in seconds.

In "Concept one" I identify accumulated converted solar energy in earth's crust as the true source behind earthquakes. This claim was published on Jan 21, 1994 by Glendale News Press, only four days after Northridge earthquake.

Concept One Earthquake Diagram

There are more than one kind of EQs. Concept one categorizes them into three groups.
1- EQs that take place in areas close to volcanic activities. Unstable magma with explosive character is the source of this group. This type of EQs are normally weak and less destructive.
2- EQs that take place deep beneath the crust of ocean floors. They are caused by explosive magma, sending sonic shockwaves to the crust & to the ocean, creating Tsunamis.
3- EQs that take place within the crust, they are caused by explosive reaction of converted solar radiation into electro magnetic energies similar to lightning and resulting in sonic shockwaves. These are most destructive, because they take place beneath populated areas.

My research also directly links other natural disasters including: hurricanes and tornados to the same laws of solar radiation. Concept one is composed of three new primary laws that describe the reaction and conversion of solar photons in atmospheric (gaseous), continental (solid) and oceanic (liquid) conditions.

The centerpiece of my scientific discoveries is a new law for vector force of planetary motion that corrects Newton's and disproves Einsteinís. Concept one provides new insights into the exact mechanical forces behind most natural disasters, presenting unlimited innovative technological applications in detecting & neutralizing natural disasters, new generation solar technology, geological engineering, agriculture, construction and above all saving lives and properties.